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filming with a polecam in pit lane

September – December 2011
Post was intensive on the Belgian Grand Prix edits and the motorsport action
continued with a return to Maranello, filming on the Fiorano Circuit once more.

Strapped into the passenger seat of a Ferrari 458 Italia with a works driver at the wheel is one way to up your adrenalin level. What's the Italian for 'big smile'?

We filmed an event in the shadow of Tower Bridge in Central London, presented by the evergreen Quentin Willson and ex-Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq, featuring the vocal talents of X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke, amongst others.

Some invoices are extremely technical; a customer needs to refer to supporting documents in order to understand how a final figure has been calculated. We graphically recreated a complex set of invoice documentation and flew a virtual camera around the pages to explain in detail how the calculations are done. This was a clear way of explaining to customers how their bills are worked out.

Point-of-sale machines for credit and debit card payment can be quite tricky to operate. We shot an extensive series of live demonstrations in the studio to explain step-by-step procedures for setting up and using a whole range of models from different manufacturers. The final edited videos were built into a web resource designed to support staff training worldwide.

August 2011
Editing is in progress on an awards video recognizing outstanding contributions in the field of improved business operations.
More motorsport shoot-and-edit: Algebra TV cameras were at Spa-Francorchamps at the end of the month, covering sponsorship events at an exciting Belgian F1 Grand Prix and interviewing past and present Grand Prix drivers.

July 2011
Progress continued on general post-production projects and foreign versions, including an insert for Oman TV.
Ideas are in development for a dramatised training programme to be shot on location later in the year.

June 2011
Shoot-and-edit jobs this month included covering a major safety awareness event, a marketing conference at the St. Pancras Hotel in London and a look at how embracing workforce diversity enhances both the capability and reputation of an organisation.
We also interviewed cab drivers in central London to support the "Smarter Cabbies" campaign!

May 2011
The conference in Rome was shot in HD and the highlights edited back in the UK to provide a concise round-up of the activities and key business messages, but also to provide all delegates with an enduring memento of their experiences. The main location was imaginatively adapted to combine the rich architectural heritage of the ancient city with high-tech staging to create something truly memorable.
We were back in Italy later in the month on a motorsport mission at Ferrari's Fiorano circuit. We interviewed Team Principal Stefano Domenicali and filmed track action, including positioning HD minicams to good effect in several 458 Italias… and getting some great onboard footage!

April 2011
Prep work and ongoing edits for an upcoming Reward and Recognition event in Rome in May kept our editors busy. We also produced an insightful programme for the eNABLE Network, highlighting the difficulties faced by people continuing at work despite suffering degrees of sight impairment.

March 2011
The top of Millbank Tower in London was the location for a PR event filmed by Algebra TV crews.

February 2011
How to effectively capture and store CO2 is a much-discussed topic. We produced a short programme dealing with the business imperatives driving policy development in this area relating to large corporations.
Interesting shoot locations this month included Admiralty House and the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich.

January 2011
Happy New Year to you all - hopefully things are looking up!
Careful planning of the HSSE shoots has paid off, with some great results so far from the locations in Surrey, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire and Lancashire.
We covered an intriguing event this month for the University of Pennsylvania – in HD 1080/60i for editing in the States. Hard disk recorders are great for maintaining seamless coverage…

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